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A collection of amazing 21st Century snare drum and tenor drum solos and etudes by today’s hottest leading Drum Corps drummers!  


Ever wonder what goes into some of the most cutting edge drumline beats?  Who really invents these killer solos and exercises that wow the crowds?  What were they thinking?  What inspired them to do it? Who was with them when they wrote it?

A chance to get inside the minds & hands of the top young players in the country is now in Pre-Sale!


UNDERGROUND BEATS (2014) -- A New Book that features multiple pieces and solos by Casey Brohard, Stephanie Vasilakis, Keelan Tobia, Matt Keown, Nick Arce, Scott Nelson and Andrew Odello!

See the solo. Learn it if you dare. Get inside the mind of the genius that created it. 

Get the inside track about the process. 

Find out all this and more in UNDERGROUND BEATS (2014).


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Your PDF version will be shipped on or before December 25, 2013 >>>>


This is brand new never before attempted original compilation is already creating a buzz in the drummer community because of the book's loaded content and extremely outstanding value!


This $170.00 value will be sold for $59.99 upon release on December 25, 2013


CLICK HERE to make your Pre-Sale, Pre-Release purchase today at $49.99 and Save Big Time!

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