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Top 10 Tips - Choosing an Indoor Winter Drum Show

Posted December 8, 2012 by Dave Glyde | CATEGORY Music

Top 10 Tips - On Choosing an Indoor Winter Drum Show



This is the time of year when many Band Directors & Percussion Instructors find themselves with seasonal thoughts of selecting an Indoor Show for their Winter Drum Line.

Unfortunately, those of us who play trumpet, flute, trombone or oboe have limited ideas on where to turn. With the competitive season closing in, and our trusty computer in front of us, most of us will turn to the Internet hoping that Google or any other popular search engine can aid us in our search.

Selecting a show that's appropriate for your budget, students abilities, socio-economic area as well as one with educational value would seem to be a logical place to start.  With that in mind, I've given the subject some thought and also polled some of my friends that have helped shape the industry for many years.

Here's a compilation of thoughts from these teachers, composers and arrangers when asked:

"What do you consider the most important factors in selecting a Winter Drum Line Show"


Maybe you'd be able to use the check list below as a "Guide to Success" in selecting a show that's best suited for your Indoor Winter Drum Line:


  • # 1 Is the price right - what do you get for your money?
  • # 2 Is the difficulty level appropriate for the experience level in each of your sections?
  • # 3 Are Instrumentation and Segment Size options available?
  • # 4 Are practice tools (MP3's for individual rehearsal) available?
  • # 5 Is Drill included with purchased drill charts and animation?
  • # 6 Is Local, Regional & W.G.I. protection available?
  • # 7 Is the music and style accessible, will your hometown audience enjoy listening to it?
  • # 8 Will the program provide your group with the opportunity for Competitive Success?
  • # 9 Are MP3's and Audio Files of Samples used in the arrangement included?
  • # 10 Is the show an Original Composition or arrangements of copyrighted music?

The best websites should have answers to these questions imbedded on their pages, or a "Contact" selection, where you can directly ask the company your specific questions via Email.

IF you'd like a good example of quality and clear information, clicking one of the site links below is a smart place to start:





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