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Drum Show Drill

Get Drill added to your Show Designs Drum Show for only $500!  Show Designs can provide and equip your ensemble with a top-of-the-line competitive drill to help maximize the communication and effect of your total package.

Drum Show Drill comes with 4 "Line Size" options so you can choose the one that most resembles your Drum Line.

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3 Snares - 2 Tenors - 4 Bassline - 3 Cymbals
3 Snares - 2 Tenors - 4 Bassline
5 Snares - 3 Tenors - 5 Bassline - 4 Cymbals
5 Snares - 3 Tenors - 5 Bassline

Show Designs in 3D

"Show Designs" is making available to all customers who purchase "Drum Show Drill" a 3D movie of the drill. The 3D Movie is perfectly synched to the music of the show that you purchased and can also include these fabulous extras.

  • 3D Real View
  • Movement, Visuals, Customizable Uniforms and Marching Styles
  • Prop Independence
  • Props can be carried by a performer or moved and rotated on their own
  • New Prop Shapes
  • Spheres, Vertical Circles, Flat Circles, Cylinders and multi-sided boxes with independent sides

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Here's a sample of "The Hidden Codes of DaVinci" Drill by Preston Howard