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*Beneath The Ice* NEW!

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About the Show

In the heart of winter's icecold night
Beneath the frozen sky
The little fairies danced in joy
To praise their Iceking high

Round and round they lightly danced
Their proud heads raised with grace
Their snow-white queen beside her throne
Light shining from her face

The golden torches flickered bright
In the Iceking's mighty halls
Reflected in the magic gems
Within the crystal walls

But looming up beside the queen
There stood a fearsome sight
Tall and dark, with gleaming eyes
Still no one fled in fright

Upon his head a crown of ice
On his hand a golden ring
His icy garb of cones and gold
The ice city's frosty creature king

He then embraced his snowy alien queen
With love, and held her tight
As she looked up and hissed with joy;
It was their wedding night
Beneath the Ice


• Glockenspiel
• 2-4 Vibraphone
• 3-5 Marimba
• 2 Synthesizer (1 Synth option)
• Aux Percussion (optional)
• Samples included
• Narrative Clips included
• SnareLine
• TenorLine
• BassLine (5 or 4)
• Cymbaline (optional)

Show Package Includes

PDF Scores Full score and battery only score
PDF Parts All essential and optional parts for your show
Practice MP3s For players individual learning and conditioning
All performance ready audio samples In your choice of formats
Free limited coaching with show purchase $300 Value!
Drill Available At extra cost
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